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Periodontal Services

At All Smiles Bethesda, our philosophy of dentistry revolves around helping you maintain your dental and overall health. Oral health conditions can have a direct effect on your emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. One example of an oral infection that could impact your overall health is periodontal disease, an infection of the gums.

Gum disease begins as a localized infection in the form of inflammation of the gums. This causes the gums to pull away from the nearby teeth, exposing the tooth roots. In the absence of proper and timely treatment, this damage progresses to bone loss, which, in turn, can cause the teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. The damage caused by gum disease does not cease here. Once your immune system starts to react against the spread of infection, it can start taking a toll on your physical health. The long-term effects of uncontrolled gum disease include:

  • Excessive stress on the immune system
  • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Inhibition of healthy digestion
  • Exacerbation of respiratory disease

We begin gum disease treatment with an examination of your medical history and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help you restore and maintain optimal oral health. We offer the following treatments for periodontal disease:

Scaling and Root Planing: This is a non-surgical treatment to control gum disease in its early stages. The procedure begins with a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums to remove tartar deposits above and below the gum line. This is followed by planing of the root surfaces to smooth out rough areas and prevent recurrences.

Gingivectomy: This procedure is used to reduce the depth of deep periodontal pockets. The treatment involves cleaning of the periodontal pockets and lifting them so that the gum can reattach itself to the teeth.

If you believe you are suffering from gum disease, it is essential to receive treatment as soon as possible. For more information about periodontal services from the experts at All Smiles Bethesda, contact our office today at (301) 984-9646.

Our Happy Patients

"Dr Ziomek has been "managing my mouth" for more than 30 years! In fact I still fly back from New Mexico for my semi-annual exams and needed dental work. She is highly skilled, caring, gentle and always works to keep my teeth and gums healthy. Her staff reflects these same qualities. I recommend her office to everyone!"

Harold P. Harold P.

"Dr. Leung is a great dentist. He is gentle, honest and really listens to your concerns. My whole family sees him! He did Invisalign on my daughter and now she loves her smile! Pay him a visit, you won’t be disappointed!"

Kimberly B. Kimberly B.

"One of the Best Dental Groups in the DMV! This was my first time at the office, but the staff made me feel welcomed as if I was a regular patient. The front desk staff was nice and welcoming! The dental hygienist is really knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. The individual rooms are huge. Each room is equipped with its own television! Usually I am scared of getting poked at but the hygienist gave me a pain free cleaning! Dr. Leung spoke to me after the cleaning and devised a great plan to ensure that my teeth stay strong and healthy. I will be coming back to visit Dr. Leung and his staff again! I highly recommend this dental group!"

Mark N. Mark N.
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