KöR® Whitening

No matter what your age, you should have a bright, healthy smile! All Smiles Bethesda KOR Teeth Whitening Deep Bleaching System restores your beautiful smile in only two weeks and the results of this dental treatment can last a lifetime.

The KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching System

Age along with wear and tear can take their toll on teeth as food stains work their way into your teeth enamel. It can be frustrating trying to keep your teeth a healthy color and appearance.

KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching System may be the answer to these issues as it removes the deep enamel stains and rejuvenates teeth with a shiny whiteness. KOR restores teeth’s ability to adequately absorb oxygen. Oxygen released from the KOR whitening gel absorbs into the tooth. It dissolves deep stains at the molecular level.

Some quick facts about KOR Whitening:

  • KOR Whitening whitens dark (tetracycline) stained teeth which were once though to be impossible to whiten.
  • It only takes your regular at-home maintenance that help your teeth stay white permanently regardless of whether you drink red wine coffee or tea.
  • Most patients experience very little if any discomfort during the KOR whitening process.
  • Your smile will not be harmed as this is clinically-tested to be safe for teeth and gums.

How the KOR Whitening Process Works

All Smiles Bethesda makes of your teeth. Then we create a set of thin, custom-fitting and comfortable KOR Whitening Trays. While you sleep, you wear the KOR trays, which contain the patented bleaching gel. You don’t have to wear them during the day and they definitely won’t interfere with work or play. We then do one last in-office whitening session. After that, your KOR teeth-whitening treatment is done! Your new, permanent teeth whitening will be exactly right for you and forever. 

"I love Dr. Z and the staff is amazing! Thank you for the countless years of great care. Great to use to a caring, professional, intelligent, respectful, etc... dentist. Years to follow. "
~ Daniel K.

"You all make going to the dentist a pleasure!"
~ Judith T.

"Dr. Ziomek and her staff are absolutely awesome!!! Do you and your family a favor and check them out!"
~ -James H.

"Dr. Ziomek is the best dentist! She is very caring about her patients and takes her time with them. You can kiss any dental anxiety away at this office! They have excellent staff as well. I have referred many a person to Dr. Ziomek and they too have all been happy."
~ Patient

"I switched to All Smiles and have never been happier with a dentist!"
~ Richard M.

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